Parking management at office building Rockstart: a review with Roy

Learn how Roy, Head of Spaces at Rockstart, manages his parking facilities in a flexible, quick and simple way for a multi-tenant building.
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Parking management at office building Rockstart: a review with Roy


As Head of Spaces at Rockstart, Roy is responsible for all facilities and all the events at this multi-tenant tech-hub. In this interview, Roy de Weerd talks about managing his parking spots with Mobypark.

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Rockstart launched in 2011 in Amsterdam as one of Europe’s first startup accelerators. Today, Rockstart is an international company that supports and empowers the best startups on their way to success across four sustainable domains, namely: Energy, Health, AgriFood, and Emerging technologies. In their acceleration program, they help new startups connect with mentors from the ecosystem, make sure that they get access to the market and connect them with investors so that they can grow as fast as possible. Roy has been working at Rockstart for a year and a half and has been working with Mobypark since the start.

Rockstart has been working with Mobypark for a while now, how did all of this start?

So I was lucky because the head of space who was here before I joined, already made a deal with Mobypark and we had a good connection with Mobypark. Actually the founders of Mobypark were in this building with their office as well and we kept Mobypark's services because it works.

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How has your experience been so far collaborating with Mobypark?

For us it's very helpful to have the service of Mobypark because we own over a hundred parking spots here and we use our parking facilities for all the people who are members of Rockstart, guests of our members and for events as well, but most of those parkings are only used between 9-17 or 9-18. During the night or the weekend we don’t use our parking facilities, so then it’s very convenient for us to have Mobypark stepping in. With Mobypark we don't only build extra revenue for the company, but also make good use of all the parking. That is mainly why we work with Mobypark, to ensure that also on the weekends or at night people, tourists or members of Mobypark can use our parking facilities.

What benefits do you see since using Mobypark?

The benefit is that Mobypark is very flexible. So during the weekends or during the nights for us we can't sell or rent out our parking facilities, because we are not there. Through Mobypark we can. It's very easy. Also during the day we now rent out through Mobypark with our regular users.

Another benefit is that if my members or guest want to rent a parking spot, they can do that with a monthly subscription through me. But if people just want to park for an hour or for a day or for a week, for me that would take too much time to set it up with the administration and invoices and so on. We therefore outsource all the short term parking to Mobypark and all the long term parking we handle ourselves.

If you would describe working with Mobypark in three words, what would those words be?

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How would you rate working with Mobypark from 1-10?

I think an 8, I'm very happy with the services of Mobypark.

And if you would have to name one thing which one thing could we still improve on. Do you think? What can we do to become a 10?

Most of our users are automatically added to the system, which works easily. However, for the long term users which I am still taking care of myself, I can´t add them to the Mobypark system. Mobypark is nice enough to add them for me, but this could be a little improvement.

How do you like the communication with Mobypark?

It's very good. When I have any questions about anything someone working at Mobypark always come back to me quite quickly.

How are you implementing sustainability in your company?

Our business model is to invest in startups. We run an accelerator program in four different domains, in health, in artificial intelligence, in agrifood and in smart energy. And via this accelerator program we only invest in startups that have something to do with sustainability or at least are trying to help the environment. That is of course also a reason why we use Mobypark, anyone can make a parking reservation through Mobyparks website and from there we can make use of the parking facilities. Otherwise it is just empty space.


Would you recommend Mobypark?

I always recommend it to all the people asking questions related to short term parking that comes into my place. When people call me or email me like “hey can we park here for a day” we always transfer them to Mobypark directly, it is just easy. So I would definitely recommend it. I even recommended it to some friends to try renting out their parking a couple of times. If you for example own a parking spot in Amsterdam to rent it out during the day you should do it through Mobypark. I mena, it is a great way to earn extra revenue.

Do you know anyone who needs a professional system to manage their company car park? Don't hesitate to contact us and let Mobypark help you! Or check out our business page for more information.

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