The best tips to park in Toulouse, France

Mobypark is giving you the best tips to find a cheap but totally secured parking in the city-center of Toulouse.
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The best tips to park in Toulouse, France


It is a known fact for people living and commuting in Toulouse that looking for a parking spot in the city-center is a real ordeal ! If you are lucky, you could find a spot but you will never avoid the excessive prices of the « Ville Rose ». And if you want to stay for a few days and happen to park your car in one of the underground parking of the city, you will be charged at least 22 to 26 € for 24 hours.
In order to avoid to pay a parking spot as expensive as your accommodation in Toulouse, we exactly have what you are looking for !
If we were telling you that it is possible to park in Toulouse city-center for 5€ during 24 hours, would you trust us ? You should and let me explain why…

How is it possible ?

It is actually simple : many inhabitants of Toulouse have a parking spot… but empty. All those spots are in the city-center but the owners are never using them. So, we created a platform that is allowing you to rent those secured spots in private properties and at rock bottom prices : we called it Mobypark.

How it works ?

You just have to take a look at this page in which we referenced the parking spots in the city-center of Toulouse. By following the process, you will enter your dates and hours, and will be able to see the available spots for your request. Finally, you will have to make a booking request and wait for the owner’s answer (maximum 24h after).
You will park with serenity : avoid the harassing search of parking spot in the city and save some money that you could spend wisely by tasting an excellent cassoulet at Emile’ restaurant !

We have created Mobypark for all the travelers (leisure and business) who want to park in Toulouse and in other big european cities. We ensure you that you will save time and money if you book your place in advance.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to write us at or to call us at this number 09 82 56 06 26.

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